After having been notified last February, Portugal has now received a supplementary reasoned opinion, since the Commission "detected gaps" in transposing into national law the Directive in question, which should have been transposed by 5 June last year.

Like Portugal, the same flaws are reported in Bulgaria and Hungary. The reasoned opinion sent to Hungary represents, moreover, the volte-face by Brussels in the decision to initiate proceedings against that Member State before the EU Court of Justice. The same can happen to Portugal if it does not report to the Commission.

It is recalled that Directive 2012/27/EU stipulates that between 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2020, “Member States have to achieve certain levels of energy savings  / or use other specific measures to improve energy efficiency in residential and industrial buildings as well as in transport,” Brussels said in a statement.

Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Poland were the other countries for which reasoned opinions were also sent, and the Community Executive has already warned that it will continue to "monitor implementation of the Directive and any problems that may arise in the future.“ 

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