Our Support and Maintenance team is prepared and ready to ensure the durability and good preservation of your equipment!

suporte técnico para o projetista de soluções de climatização


Quickly and immediately accessible, we provide technical information, certificates and BIM schemes, everything you need for your project.


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suporte técnico ao instalador de soluções de climatização com display ecoevo


We are where you need us, when you need us. Access your reserved area and get immediate access to datasheets, price lists and instruction manuals.


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suporte técnico para o dono de obra de soluções de climatização

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Our 4 pillars
image Quality


Certifications and internal quality control

image Guarantee


Guarantee and specialized support

image Efficiency


Environmental and energy efficiency

image Control


Smart Eyes and Arfit control management


Protect your investment

Your expert support service and maintenance programs.


What is it?
A personalized preventive maintenance service, performed by specialized technicians throughout the country.

This service guarantees the maintenance of your investment, ensuring the durability and good preservation of the equipment for medium and long term.


Periodic maintenance is fundamental to maintain the proper functioning of all components and their safety, ensuring that the equipment's performance lasts as long as its useful life.


Support and Maintenance offers three types of services, where the best solution is proposed according to the type of equipment and its use.

A specialized technician will guarantee during the whole process the best performance solution and the necessary support, using exclusive tools and software.


The remote access service that works for you in real time.

With the detailed history of variables, it allows you to remotely adjust all parameters for economic and comfort optimization.

Wherever you are, with BLUEYE turn information into value.


Consult our team, we guarantee the most adequate solution to your needs and the best equipment performance throughout its useful life.